Excellence in creative carpet services since 1997

Ed Cobb, owner of Creative Carpet Services, a devoted family Christian man, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and creative artist from New Jersey, has a background in the graphic arts, design and color specialist profession since 1978.


Being a perfectionist and critical of his work, Ed became a master in the art and craftsmanship of carpet making back in 1997.  His ability to incorporate design elements into original works of art makes his carpet sought after by interior designers, discriminating home owners and corporations throughout the United States and the world.  "I like being creative and love to work with my hands, and the gratitude of a finished masterpiece is very rewarding".


Ed will be delighted to work with you in creating your own one of a kind custom inlaid and/or hand carved logo rug or custom logo mat in the exact design, shape, size and colors of your choice.


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